• Salam London

    Rayhan is a student who had his life together in Afghanistan but then lost his family in an attack on his sister’s wedding. This made him flee to London with his mother to have a better life and to study at university. Here, he faces a lot of hardships from making friends to struggles in his love...

  • Qurbani

    Life in the world of crime, kidnapping, and bullying have impacted a great number of wealthy people. Money and greed have surely influenced the wrong people who have become an evil part of society.

  • Kabul Cinema

    This film shows the civil war and the devastation in 1991 and 1992 in Kabul, Afghanistan, which took the lives of thousands of its citizens and destroyed the city.

  • Nice Feeling

    Humans are not born good or bad by nature. However, society plays a powerful role in building our personalities and characters. We must remember that one small action can create a good or bad feeling for others.

  • Professor

    Afghanistan is a country that has historically witnessed the intervention of other countries. In this film, the renowned and late Afghan musical artist and singer, Zahir Howaida, in the role of a professor, reveals the dark truths behind the region's policies towards Afghanistan.

  • Doo Ka Baaz

    Laughing is an art and making others laugh is an even higher form of art. There are many funny scenes in this film, thanks to three young and talented Afghan comedians. This film contains theft, trickery, deception, and love.

  • Daar

    The film, “Daar", shows the behind-the-scenes realities of people's lives in Kabul. Daar shows the untold stories of thousands of youths in Afghanistan who have sacrificed their lives due to the actions of their leaders and lawmakers. Murder and violence are horrific and still rampant in Afghanis...

  • Hassan

    Hassan tells the story of a patriotic and passionate Afghan man who has dedicated his life to serving the orphan and impoverished children of Afghanistan. The honesty and self-sacrificing ways of a woman with her life partner are also portrayed in this film.

  • Kiss me

    Kiss me for the last time. This film tells the story of two young Afghans who are victims of hardships and economic poverty. This film sheds light on only a small part of the great sacrifices the Afghan youth pay.

  • Destiny

    Crime and violence have no end game. Maybe one day they will be done with their ways after the bloodshed of hundreds of people. But in the end, real victory is based on truth, justice, and humanity.

  • Red Snow

    Red Snow is a film about a very sad and tragic battle that took many lives. There are countless dangerous and unstable conditions in Afghanistan. This film tells the story of a bloody snowfall in the Salang Mountains located in the northern parts of Afghanistan.

  • Dawat and Edawat

    A criminal is a criminal. It doesn’t matter where they live. Criminals inherently commit crime wherever they are and they always try to find illegitimate ways to live their lives and make others their victims.

  • The Last Street

    Sex deprivation is rampant in societies like Afghanistan and the consequences of this phenomenon has been devastating for several generations. In this film, you will watch a story, like a thousand other stories in Afghanistan, that talks about the silent pain of sex deprivation that exists among ...

  • Zang-e-Insha

    A short film about a little girl who has a hard time writing to her teacher about her father who was wounded in the military. The story sheds light on the sacrifices Afghanistan's soldiers and their families have given to protect the freedom and safety of millions of their fellow countrymen.

  • Nazpari

    Years of economic hardship and poverty have forced thousands of very young Afghan girls into forced marriages. Nazpari is a short film about a young girl who goes through the same situation.

  • We Are from the Heavens

    Everything and everyone will perish one day. The path that we are all trying to take has an ending.

  • Maybe

    Some people ask questions and give their own answers without realizing that some questions have no answers. In that case, the person who is asking the questions may not have detailed answers.

  • Just for one day

    If you are a real man, try being in a woman’s shoes for one day in Afghanistan. The film, "Just for One Day", portrays the difficulties and battles a girl faces every day in Afghanistan.

  • War

    War is a harsh and unkind name that in any circumstance, place, or time, causes nothing but destruction, failure and terror.

  • I'm an Azrael

    Our eyes can’t see everything sometimes so we must try to look for hidden meanings to get to the truth.

  • Drop

    Water is the meaning of life. Water is not only a necessity for humans but also an essential life-giving source for animals and plants. Unfortunately, some people do not realize the importance of this divine blessing and waste it.

  • Soldiers Die Silently

    Heroes are not those who earned their honor easily. Heroes do not belong to any one ideology or groups of people. They are warriors who feel in their heart an obligation to make sacrifices and that’s how they become heroes.

  • Az Salman Ta Sultan

    How painful it is when you leave your homeland behind. How difficult it is when you find yourself in exile. The film "From Salman to Sultan" tells a story of a failed immigrant.