• Soldiers Die Silently

    Heroes are not those who earned their honor easily. Heroes do not belong to any one ideology or groups of people. They are warriors who feel in their heart an obligation to make sacrifices and that’s how they become heroes.

  • Az Salman Ta Sultan

    How painful it is when you leave your homeland behind. How difficult it is when you find yourself in exile. The film "From Salman to Sultan" tells a story of a failed immigrant.

  • Tahammul

    A film of regrets and losses that depicts the human weakness from intolerance and slavery.

  • Ghazal

    Ghazal is a story of an Afghan girl's fight for her rights and choosing her own destiny. In this film, you will see how Ghazal fights and successfully wins her battles.

  • At a Dead End Alley

    Trust is the pillar that strengthens any family umbrella. In this film, you will watch a conflict between doubt, friendship, and trust.

  • 40 Girls and 40 Trees

    This is the story of the pilgrimage of 40 girls, one of the most well-known legends of Afghanistan. This film highlights women's issues that have been prevalent in Afghanistan since the ancient times.

  • Two Colors

    Because fathers and mothers hold such an essential role in their children’s lives, they can instill beautiful colors and thoughts of life into their minds from an early age. Therefore, they should try hard not to turn a blind eye and take this world for granted.

  • 14 O'clock

    How amazing it is when we fight with hope and a sacred goal, but how painful is it to count moments with so much hopelessness.

  • Two Faced

    There are people with knowledge but no action. And there are people who are two-faced, and their words don’t match their actions. This film is about a group of two-faced and evil characters.

  • Sadaf

    Fighting against corruption and resisting criminals require a high price. Getting due process and justice in Afghanistan have become only a dream. This short film is about a patriotic officer who rises against crime and violence but is also exhausted.

  • Home or Nest

    New children are like society's newly planted trees who need gardeners to make them grow. Otherwise, not only will they not grow, they will become selfish and rebellious.

  • Sajda

    "From love, thorns turn into flowers." This proverb is portrayed as a story in this film. Although the world of crime is vast, dangerous, and irreversible, the kind nature in human beings can be ignited just by one trigger.

  • Little Angel

    What happens to a child who has lost his/her parents in Afghanistan's devastating wars? Unfortunately, there are some people who take advantage of these children. Little Angel tells one of those stories which is very common in Afghanistan.